Investment Philosophy

It’s our philosophy that sets up apart from other funds. While most funds are focused on the manager, our focus is on our investment strategy and risk management. We selected two extraordinary trading teams to implement a unique multi-strategy that consistently delivers above average returns with lower volatility. Investing globally with a focus on asset classes with opportunities including but not limited to currencies, commodities, equities, and fixed income.

Investment Management

Our strategy is designed with only one objective: delivering the most efficient risk-reward ratio to our clients. The illusion of low-risk or high-risk markets is something we do not embrace, instead we believe that it’s the implementation of a strategy that makes an investment risky or not. Adhering to strict risk management guidelines on every trading decision helps deliver above average returns to our clients.

Risk Management

Risk Management is a vital component of Geluk’s trading programs. Our philosophy is that Risk Management is arguably more important than the trading strategy. In an effort to minimize losses that may occur in volatile markets the open positions are tested frequently using stress tests that indicate the effects of an unusual market situation.

In addition, Geluk has implemented a 24/7 automated risk management system that monitors all our trading accounts to ensure the prescribed risk parameters are followed.  In the event these parameters are neglected the system will lock out the trader for a prescribed period of time and in cases of a drawdown will automatically sell-out the position to protect the integrity of the portfolio.

Technical Perspective

Our systems are optimized in such way that it gives short term signals, effective in trend and non-trend markets.

Our competitive edge is our ability to identify the early stages of a trend; the point which the price break-outs, upwards or downwards. We always follow a trend to its maturity and to the point of reversal. At the same time, our own proprietary indicators have the ability to decode the sideways movement of prices and thus we adjust the risk management in each case for the protection of the capital. As a result, we gradually increase the assets under management.

Our systems are optimized to provide short-term signals, effective in trend and non-trend markets. The filtering of each signal’s pulse intensity and trend (either ascending or descending), offers the best indication of how “strong” this signal can be. For instance, if after an extended retreat in which all trends (short, medium and long-term) are descending and suddenly an upward signal is given, this should be treated with caution. The reasoning is that the upward signal is contrary to all horizons. If the upward signal continues and the trends change one by one, then the influence of the upward signal is strengthened, which is something that cannot be ignored. During the decryption of neutral signals, which typically consist of the middle stage between ascending and descending signals or in some rare cases they derive from narrow fluctuation ranges, we stand aside. Our system has maximum results when both the signals and trends are harmonized, either upwards or downwards.